Boiler Care – Terms & Conditions


Section 1: Definitions

Boiler: the single mains-connected natural gas boiler cared for by this plan (this only includes the parts inside the boiler casing; it does not include the flue).

Controls: the programmer (time control), central heating circulating pump, motorised valve(s), zone valves or diverter valves, room thermostat. All elements of the controls must be standard.

Home: the property at the address we have listed against the plan.

System: the radiators, radiator valves, expansion tank, the accessible and visible pipework directly associated with the provision of central heating (excluding any taps and their direct supply).

We/us/our: Corstorphine Gas Services Limited, the provider of the plan, a company registered in Scotland under company no. SC590967 with its registered office at 113 St Johns Road, EH12 7SB.

You/your: the individual customer with whom we have entered into this plan.

Section 2: Introduction to Boiler Care

What does Boiler Care provide?

Boiler Care provides Maintenance & Support for your product, as long as it is operated in a domestic environment. It is designed to help ensure your product continues to work correctly and to minimise the chances of mechanical and electrical breakdown.

What products are eligible for Boiler Care?

Your product must be:

  • owned by you and used for personal and non-business purposes only (for the avoidance of doubt products located in leased-out domestic homes are eligible);
  • in good working order and under 15 years old when you take out the plan; and • located in the United Kingdom. Your product cannot be:
  • a warm air unit; electric, LPG or oil boiler or combined heat power unit;
  • a commercial or industrial grade boiler/controls, such as one with more than 200,000 BTU/ HR 58.6K input; or
  • located on a boat or in a mobile home.

Note: Each Boiler Care plan only applies to a single boiler. Any additional boilers would need to be looked after by a separate plan.

Is Boiler Care right for you? You must be at least 18 years old and resident in the United Kingdom.

Section 3: The Maintenance & Support Services

Annual service: Each year we will contact you to arrange for an authorised service technician to visit your home and perform an annual service on your product (your boiler, controls and, if part of your product, the system); to ensure that it is working efficiently. This will be carried out to statutory requirements and in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. The service technician will also offer you advice on how to use your product. You can also arrange it by calling 07436919048. Subsequent annual services will be carried out on or around the anniversary of the preceding annual service, subject to the availability of service technicians and your appointment preferences.

Onsite visits: Where an onsite visit is approved, we will either organise the service technician visit or provide you with the details to allow you to organise the service technician visit at your convenience. Onsite visits will take place during normal working hours which are at least 9am to 5pm (except on public holidays) Monday to Friday on a date agreed with you. They may include repairs and further maintenance checks carried out on your product. We will pay for costs for call-out (other than the call-out fee, if one applies to your plan), labour and parts, as long as these are not covered by a manufacturer’s guarantee. You must use our approved service technicians. Please have your plan documentation to hand when the service technician arrives. Note, if your product contains data this may be wiped during the repair process. In each year of your plan, the most we’ll pay in total for repairs we approve is £1,500, this is the repair limit.

Safety message: If our service technician finds that your product is unsafe (and, if relevant, it cannot be immediately repaired) they’ll label it and with your permission condemn it (and disconnect/ isolate it), and it must not be used again until the fault has been corrected. This is extremely important for the safety of those at the property.

Replacements (Platinum Cover only): If our approved service technician is not able to repair your product, or we decide that it is uneconomical for us to repair your product (because for example the repair would cost more than the repair limit or the price of a new product), we will arrange to replace your product with a new boiler up to a value of £750 if you are on Platinum cover only. Subject to availability and the price limit, the replacement will be of the same or similar technical specification. Under this plan, we will not be responsible for any installation or delivery costs. We will also not pay for a replacement flue, fittings, pipework if this is needed for the new boiler or any upgrading costs associated with the new replacement boiler.

Issuing a landlord gas safety record (Landlord Boiler Cover only): If you have Landlord Boiler Cover, each year we will contact you to arrange for an authorised service technician to visit your home and carry out a gas safety check of the gas meter, gas pipework (from the gas meter) and gas appliances located at your home (CP12). We will then send you a record to confirm that this check has been carried out. If any part fails the check, we will include the full details in the record. You can also arrange the check by calling 07436919048.

Section 4: Fees, duration and cancellation

Fees: You must pay the monthly fees (inclusive of all applicable taxes) by Direct Debit and make regular payments in accordance with the ‘Your payments details’ set out in your plan documentation. If you do not pay for your plan on time, it will be suspended from the due. No Maintenance & Support Services will be provided past this date unless payment is received. If we do not receive payment from you within 2 weeks, we may cancel your plan. You will not be entitled to any refund of payments you have made prior to this cancellation.

Duration and renewal: Your plan will start after the 30 day wait period has ended. The start date is set out in your paperwork. Your plan continues for a year (unless ended in accordance with these terms and conditions). As you pay by Direct Debit, your Maintenance & Support will automatically continue for another year with a new plan at each renewal, unless you inform us otherwise at least 2 weeks before the date your plan is due to renew (See ‘Your right to cancel’ below). Such cancellation will take effect on the expiry of the current plan term. Unless you have advised otherwise, the renewal fee will again be collected from your specified bank account, to ensure you are always cared for. We reserve the right not to offer you a renewal on your plan.

Your right to cancel: You will receive a full refund if you cancel the plan within the fourteen (14) day period from receipt of your documentation or from the plan sale date, whichever is. If you have received a repair, prior to cancelling your plan, you may have to pay the cost of the repair.

Our right to cancel: If at any time your product is replaced, your plan will automatically end and no refund will be due (see ‘Replacements’ on page 7). We may cancel this plan where there is a valid reason for doing so by giving you at least 7 days’ notice. Valid reasons include but are not limited to the following:

  • where you fail to comply with certain conditions
  • where you fail to pay for the plan, if applicable (see ‘Fees’ above); or
  • where you have used threatening or abusive behaviour or language towards our staff or suppliers.

If we cancel your plan using this provision, you will receive a pro rata refund of any fees paid for the remaining unexpired days of your plan.

Section 5: Exclusions and standard terms

General exclusions: The following are excluded from the plan:

  • Damage of any kind to the product.
  • Damage during delivery, installation or transportation of the product by a third party not under our instruction.
  • Replacement, recall or modification of the product (or any part) by a supplier or the manufacturer.
  • Modifying or making a product comply with legislation or making it safely accessible.
  • Any problem with the supply of electricity, gas, water, broadband or broadcast content.
  • Costs or loss arising from not being able to use your product (e.g. buying temporary heaters or loss of earnings), or incidental costs caused by breakdown or repair (e.g. costs to remove or reinstate built-in or fitted equipment).
  • Damage to your premises or any other property or possessions, unless it is our fault.
  • Any loss, damage or impairment to functionality caused by neglect.
  • Any loss, damage or impairment to functionality caused by: earthquake, flood, lightning, fire, wind, humidity, weather conditions, salt spray, storm or other natural events or catastrophes, abnormally high or low temperatures, plumbing problems, corrosion, chemical exposure, radiation, explosion, sabotage, terrorism, insurrection, revolution, war, riot, armed conflict, civil commotion, rebellion, man-made events or catastrophes or technological hazards (such as computer viruses or date-change faults).
  • Repairs or modifications, where not approved by either us or the product manufacturer,
  • The cost of replacing any consumables (such as external fuses, batteries, seal/gaskets, fuel).
  • The cost of replacing any accessories (such as attachments, cables and cable joints, plugs, light covers, filters, removable parts, catalytic panels, external piping, starter connections and straps).
  • Data loss or corruption, installing, modifying and upgrading software, the resolution of any software interface problems.
  • For products with screens: repairs due to pixel failure where the number or location of pixels does not exceed the manufacturer’s acceptable limit, marks on the screen, or burned screens.

Special exclusions: In addition to the ‘General exclusions’ above, the plan does not provide care for the following:

  • Any work arising from hard water scale deposits (i.e. calcium).
  • Magnetite, sludge or blockages (including carrying out a powerflush) or servicing, clearing, replacing or repairing magnetic filtration devices.
  • Normal operation or adjustment of the product controls (except following a repair under this plan), any water pressure adjustments on sealed systems (except those connected with a repair approved under this plan), the clearing of airlocks or the balancing and venting of radiators.
  • Work on anything not part of the product, for example non-accessible or non-visible pipework, energy management systems, unvented pressurised cylinders (thermal stores), convector heaters, kick space heaters, curved/angled radiators (for bay windows etc), towel heaters/rails, underfloor heating, heat pumps, shower pumps, immersion heaters, solar panels, fuel lines to the boiler and the flue systems from the boiler, the cold water supply tank, its feed or outlet, taps, any pipework, controls or other parts associated with any of these items.
  • Work on non-standard pipework (i.e. greater than 35mm in diameter).
  • Work where the removal or disturbance of hazardous material (e.g. asbestos) is required.
  • Work on internet connected heating control equipment (such as Hive, Nest or ScottishPower Connect).
  • Any installation or associated costs where we arrange a replacement.
  • Any part of your boiler and controls which directly supplies a swimming pool.
  • Repairing or replacing the flue including the flue terminal and or lining for any open flued appliances.

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