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Boiler upgrades

Homeowner who have had their existing boiler for ten or more years could save around a quarter on heating bills, up to £250 a year, by simply upgrading to a condensing model.

All boiler we install are SEDBUK band ‘A’ rated – the highest efficiency band achievable. They are more than 90% efficient, meaning that over 90% of the fuel consumed in converted into heat for the heating and hot water in your home.

By comparison, many of the old boilers operate at as low as 50% efficiency. Meaning that 50 pence of every pound in fuel bills is being completely wasted!

Boiler Upgrades and Installations Edinburgh
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Central Heating Installation

It is our job to design you a system that suits you and your household needs. We carry out a home inspections in order to assess your requirements and to ensure that your system works with your lifestyle.

For example, a family of five with a three bedroom, bathroom and ensuite require a different output of boiler than a couple with a one bedroom and electric shower. We design a system specific for you!

Once we provide you with an initial free quotation we are always here to help and never hesitate to ask. Call or drop us an email and we will respond with as much information as possible.

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